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Two Ways to Book Your West Virginia Cabin Vacation : Opossum Creek Retreat

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    call us:


Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

Family Hike

Making memories.


Gorgeous weddings in The New River Gorge


You so deserve this.

The New River Gorge National Park

Our back yard

Hot Tub

Relax. Enjoy Your Cabin in the Woods.

DIY weddings


We Give Good Phone

We also understand “I just don’t want to talk to them now.“

Yes, we love Little Feat. Lowell George put it very well in Apolitical Blues.

Thats why we put alot into our website.

What do you think of our new site?

What do you think of our new site?

You may just not feel like talking and that’s okay, we understand. Lots of times I prefer digging around in cyberspace, I am just trying to dig up some info. Do some research, comparison shopping, check availability that sort of thing. We hope we make it easy for you to do just that.

The website has a new look and some new info. Please let us know what you like or don’t.

Is there something you were looking for and could not find or should be easier to find?

We are hoping we have made all that research fun, easy, and  informative.

FYI: we wrote all that vacation-planning ‘stuff’, so if you want to go to the source and get the info first hand or you just want to talk to someone, we are ready for ya.

Darn computers anyway.

For good phone, call 888-488-4836.

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