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Not only is West Virginia home to America’s Best Whitewater, it can also lay claim to some of America’s Best Rock Climbing. A national climbing magazine recently picked the New River Gorge as one of America’s Top Five Climbing Areas. Known for its bullet-hard sandstone and miles of cliffs, the New has over 2,500 routes varying in difficulty from simple to nearly impossible. Climbers from around the world include this hot spot on their itineraries.

Endless Wall, New River GorgeThe development of the climbing and whitewater rafting scenes occurred simultaneously beginning in the 70’s and 80’s. Just as a few visionary paddlers recognized the potential for the New and Gauley Rivers to become a world-class whitewater destination, a small group of avid climbers walked the cliff bands and visualized a world-class climbing destination. After years of new route development this has come to pass.

Experience this exhilarating sport under the eye of a well-trained guide from one our local guide services.

Climbing Guides

  • New River Mountain Guides is a top-notch guide service. 574-3872
  • Hard Rock Climbing Services is the first and largest guide service in the area. 574-0735