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Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

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El Gordo Luxury Cabin

EL Gordo (the phat one) is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath luxury cabin that sleeps 10 with hot tub, fireplace and all the amenities. The name is a play on words. EL GORDO in Spanish is the fat one, my father in-laws nickname is “Gordo” and he has always really liked this location for a cabin. “Phat” is slang for very nice, cool, most excellent. So the kids tell me.

Like the other cabins EL Gordo is tucked into the woods well away from the stresses of every day life. A few years ago there was a very heavy winter storm that knocked down several trees including very old Cherry, Walnut and Hickory. Rather than burn the trees as firewood a band saw was brought in and we made lumber out of the mess. Because of this custom cut lumber we have been able to create a very unique cabin with lots of interesting woodwork details as well as beautiful hand made one piece headboards and end tables. A great deal of effort went into making this cabin “green” i.e. super energy efficient and using as little forest products as possible. We accomplished this through an innovative, award winning technology that incorporates Styrofoam and steel. This type of construction allowed us to make a very open and comfortable interior while minimizing the foot print of the building. EL Gordo (the phat one) was a real treat to design and build. I had a great time fitting all the pieces into the puzzle and am sure you will have a great time staying in (the phat one). The Pricing below is for up to 6 adults. Each additional adult is 25.00 per person per night. Children 12 and under are free (1 per paying adult)