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Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

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Why Us?

Geoff and Keith of Opossum Creek Retreat

Why Us?

Peace Of Mind

We care about your vacation. We’re the kind of people that want to do something a little extra for you, because every stay here is special. Year-round, for families, groups, and couples, we provide vacation peace of mind.

Put simply: You’re in good hands, in a wonderful place, with plenty to do, or not do. Relax and enjoy.

Local Expertise

We live here, and we play here. We do family stuff, and we do on-our-own stuff. We know the ins and outs of every local outfitter. We’ve eaten in all the local restaurants, and we know the shopping, too.

So, consider us a valuable resource on how to get the most from your vacation time. We’ll share the inside scoop!


With close to twenty years under our belt, we have an unrivaled experience base to draw from. We anticipate your needs and concerns, before you come, so everything’s just right.

Would you like fresh flowers in your cabin when you arrive? Groceries? We can add custom touches to your vacation, just ask! We’ve proven time after time that we know how to make you happy. Just check out our guest testimonials.

Location, Location, Location

West Virginia is located within an easy day’s drive of 60% of the US population. And once you get here, we’re located just minutes off of Rte. 19, the major artery in this part of the mountains.

We’re also under ten minutes from the rafting companies, the National Park Service Visitor Center, the New River Gorge Bridge. Just as close is the charming, historic town of Fayetteville which has outstanding restaurants and shopping.

You’ll enjoy this proximity to all of these attractions and activities while sequestered in a private, peaceful, wooded setting; Opossum Creek Retreat makes you feel like you are far, far away. We’re the best of both worlds!

Our Cabins

Our mountain cabin rentals vary in size, but they all share the virtue of being thoughtfully designed, constructed, and equipped.

From our start, we’ve been dedicated to making each cabin as environmentally friendly as possible, using green technologies, responsibly harvested wood, recycled materials, and energy efficient design.

Each cabin has personality and unique detailing. Whether it’s custom headboards made from local trees or handcrafted railings made from found branches, you’ll enjoy the imaginative and creative design.


West Virginia has one of the lowest crime rates in the country, and Fayette County has one of the lowest crime rates in West Virginia. That means you can truly relax and leave all your worries back in the city. Locals leave their keys in the ignition and their doors unlocked. Try it- it feels good!

Vacation Packages

We’ve created great vacation packages to tie some popular activities together with your cabin rental. Check out how we’ve bundled things up.

Also, if you book your cabin for a week-long stay, you will receive a complimentary pass to the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine or the New River Jetboats. And, you’ll have access to Active Fitness Center in Oak Hill, where you can keep up your regular fitness routine.


We are a family owned and operated business, and we’re committed to providing the best lodging experience possible for each of our guests. Our hands-on approach ensures that we are tuned in to managing all the details- you can simply relax.