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5 Things Everyone Needs For A Beginner Bike Trip

This is easy.

That’s why we’re beginners, right?  We like things easy.  The easier it is, the more comfy we are when we fall on our faces.  Easy makes things, especially outside things, better.

Check out this video we made last year…

So, with a trip like that in mind, here are 5 things that are absolutely indispensable to a New River Gorge mountain bike ride:

  1. A bike.
  2. Water.  Skip the snacks and go out to lunch or dinner after the ride. You don’t even need to go back to the cabin to change-  dirty mountain bikers aren’t unusual around town at all.  Plus, it fits in with #4.
  3. Lazy pump/co2 thing (see video).
  4. Kids.  They make it more fun.  Why? They know how to take lots of brakes and look around and be amazed.  If you don’t have kids handy, just try and remember what it was like and act like one you’re in the woods.  No one you know will see you.  Probably.
  5. Pace yourself.  This is not a race (well, it may be a race to get to the restaurant for lunch after the ride.  Or, y’know, beer).  But for now just take your time and enjoy the ride.

If you’re interested in going outside and testing the five tried-and-true principles for a successful beginners ride, the trail in the vid is the Cunard Trail.  It’s flat and wide, and you can rent a great bike around town.   They’ll even take you there and pick you up.  And, they have guides!

The setup is perfect for beginners.  Now all we need is have you come here and be as inexperienced as me.


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