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Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

The New River Gorge National Park

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West Virginia Warbler

Bird Watching is fun. Birding with a guide is even better. Our guided Birdwatching tours are great for everyone from the backyard birder to the seasoned veteran looking for one to add to his life list.Take a look at our birding trips on the package page.

West Virginia’s rugged, mountainous, and heavily forested terrain may have slowed our economic development some, but it has been a boon for our bird populations! The Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology has identified Southern West Virginia’s mixed mesophytic forests as crucial stopover and breeding habitat for a large variety of species.

The calm, quiet nature of bird watching makes it a perfect complement to the intense physicality of the many outdoor adventure activities available in this area. Bring along your binoculars and your field guide, ear mark some time for birding and get to know our area on a more intimate level. You will be sure to appreciate the diversity of species.

Keep your eyes peeled for the undulating flight of our local favorite, the Pileated Woodpecker. Owls and hawks abound, as well as other neo-tropical migrants including the Scarlet Tanager, Yellow Billed Cuckoo, Blue-headed Vireo. Twenty-four species of warblers alone nest here!

New River Birding Festival

If you want to flock together with other birders and have lots of fun and good food, you might want to consider booking your trip to coincide with the New River Birding Festival, the first week in May.