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BSA Update, Or, Melting Humans

Up and running, smooth (at least on the outside).

The BSA Jamboree is underway here in the mountains of West Virginia. There have been NO traffic hassles for the locals on the main roads. Way to go BSA. They did close that stupid exit at Glen Jean onto and off of 19. Should never have been built in the first place. Very dangerous spot.

The dreaded traffic jam has not been an issue.

I have not made it onsite of the Bechtel Summit Reserve yet because we are volunteering at the New River Birding and Nature Center located at Wolf Creek Park. Fayette County’s 1,000 acre mixed-use Live, Learn, Work and Play development with a huge green space.

We have had two groups of scouts plus Americorp volunteers there this week to help us out, and have been kicking butt.

We have three modules for the Boy Scout’s service projects: carpentry (that’s us), building board walks and Blue Bird Boxes; invasive plant removal (they seem to like this a lot, maybe because their fearless leaders make it so fun); and trail building, which I have not seen yet but hear is ‘O’ so nice!

And here’s a fun video from our day: Everyone takes their turn working on the bird house.

We have melted a few scouts with the effort in the heat and a few volunteers too.

I made a cooler filled with rags and ice water to help limit the number of people melting into puddles today.

I had mentioned duping my son and a few friends into visiting the Summit Center and that plan was foiled because my son is volunteering to be a Junior counselor at a camp for disadvantaged 7-12 year olds! ATTA BOY!

We are now shooting to be on site for one of the final days of the event.

We will keep you posted. You can check out the scouts’ Flickr feed with a few pics of our projects.

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