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Does Everyone Have the Chemical Spill Wrong?

I recently heard something pretty shocking, and I wonder if you guys agree?

WV river

Our pristine river, unaffected by the spill.

I shared a chair lift with a guy and his son from Roanoke, Va., while skiing at Snowshoe. He stunned me by asking if we are in the area affected by the chemical spill.

Why, no. That is on a different river, way downstream.

Not many people know that. We never saw (or smelled) any of that contaminated water. But it seems we’re not immune to the fallout, if people still think we were affected.

They say there is no such thing as bad press. But is that true?

Does the news about the Chemical spill in WV give you pause about coming here for a vacation? 

West Virginia truly is wild and wonderful, with so much to offer. It’s a tragedy that the spill might keep anyone from visiting. Especially areas that weren’t even affected.

So what can we do? Is this our new reality, a challenge we have to continue to battle? As a small business, let me tell you, that’s a really scary thought.

You’d really help us out if you could give us some insight. Let us know: does the spill make you hesitate about coming to OCR, or the New River Gorge? To West Virginia?

Send us your response, and we’ll give you some OCR glasses as a thank you.

As always, we appreciate your help!

Does the news about the Chemical spill in WV give you pause about coming here for a vacation? 

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  • ginny Latimer says:

    absolutely it does… place my family in even a minimal risk of any contamination or exsposure would be neglegent on my part

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