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How We Make Every Christmas “Green” In The New River Gorge

We each have great stories of the Holidays. Each is different and reminds us of time with friends and family. Here is one of my favorites.

Christmas TreeEvery Christmas my Dad would bring home a fresh-cut Christmas tree. One year in particular stands out…

Dad brought home a tree that was full and perfectly shaped. It filled the house with a fresh pine scent so pungent you could close your eyes and imagine yourself deep in the woods in the middle of a pine thicket.

It was a grand tree.

There was only one, shall we say, issue with the tree that year. It was about two feet taller than the height of the ceiling. I am all for creative problem solving. Especially when they make me laugh. For years.

Instead of shortening the tree at it’s base the top was trimmed to fit flush against the ceiling. I can still picture the tree, decorated and lit with a top that seemed to magically disappear. It looked like it went right through to the attic. It still comes up from time to time and we still laugh about it.

Here at Opossum Creek we have our own Christmas tree tradition.

During the holiday season each cabin will it’s own live tree with everything you need to decorate it. It’s just one of the ways we celebrate a green Christmas.

The trees are dug live and wrapped in burlap so we can plant them after the Holiday season. Next time you visit, you’ll notice the pine trees of various sizes. These trees were in one of our cabins, decorated with gifts under them..

Memories and stories are born around these trees as friends and family share this most joyous time of year.

What are your favorite Holiday stories?

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