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Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

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Out of my comfort zone?

What is better than a costume party?

Sock Monkey. Guy in Tux.

Sock Monkey. Tuxedo. Both costume wins.

No, really, it is hard to make a party any better than starting with costumes and dressing up. It’s like Halloween in June.

But there are a few things that really made this day in one of America’s “Coolest Small Towns” even better.

Start with a town full of happy people. (Back in the day I could have used the word “gay” in place of happy, but it has been taken over to mean other things.)

Add: puppies!

So many Sock Monkeys!

So many Sock Monkeys!

Add: a WWII Biplane. A giant Sock Monkey and some dude in a tux.
Add: lots of kids, Kids are shameless when it comes to putting on a costume. When do we lose that?
Add: a skydiver.
Add: a film crew. You are going to want to share the fantastic images later.
Add: perfect weather.
Add: some bikes, trikes, roller blades, longboards, and anything else that moves

Add: more Sock Monkeys.

Next, have everyone run around a lot, laughing, smiling, screaming, and yelling. Then…

Dance! Dance in the streets while the police block traffic for you! You will have to watch the video for this part.

What a great way to spend the afternoon. It reminds me what a lucky bunch we are. Humans, that is.

Out of my comfort zone?

No not at all. You?

All the puppies joined the party!

All the puppies joined the party!

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  • Kenny Parker says:

    Awesome write up. Really captures the spirit of the day, fun, friendly, and welcoming. Thanks for being a part of it.

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