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Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

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It’s Valentine’s Day Which Makes it Couples Season

It’s couples season. For everyone. Which, naturally, means spring is near.

Bear with me, this will seem a bit of a stretch. Frankly, it is.

Photo By: Jim McCormac

Photo By: Jim McCormac

You see, the critters know that spring is near. Some of them, like the red shouldered hawk and the grey fox in my back yard are busy playing “the game”. The woods are teaming with amorous animals squawking, yelping, howling. You get the idea.

The sounds are music to my ears as it signals spring is not far.

Ever hear a foxes love song? It’s not really very pretty. In fact, it sounds a bit like James Brown is in my backyard. The foxes feel good. I knew that they would.

The Bald Eagles that now live along the New River are sitting on eggs as you read this. Brrr. That’s devotion.

When you look closely at nature, there are many signs (and sounds) which let us know that love is in the air. If you dig deep into the history of Valentine’s Day you’ll find a direct connection to the cycle of nature.

Consciously or not we humans follow the signs and seasons of nature. After all, we are animals too, right?

It’s Couples Season
It’s the perfect time for you and your mate to focus on each other. No distractions.

We can make this easy for you. We can help you decide if you need things to do like hiking or a massage. Maybe all you need is a do not disturb sign on the door.

Just pick your days and give us a call, 1.888.488.4836. It’s that easy.

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