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You so deserve this.


Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

The New River Gorge National Park

Our back yard


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Making memories.

What’s the Definition of Romantic?

walking2Agree to disagree.

Let’s agree to disagree and move on. Nope, not the election. Nope, not religion.


What is “romantic” for some is just terrifying for others.

Relaxing and watching a movie by the fire vs. hiking to a wonderful view.

Not having to cook dinner and clean up vs. preparing a candlelight dinner for 2.

Trying something new and adrenaline-packed vs. soaking in the hot tub watching nature at your fingertips.

The spectrum is broad, and luckily we have a lot to offer here in the New River Gorge and Fayetteville area.

I bet for some of us, it changes day-to-day. What worked last week is not budging the romance meter at all today.

romantic cabining in WV

Cabin getaway in WV? That’s romantic.

Very few people would disagree with this one, though:

A cabin in the woods. Yep, a nice, clean, cozy cabin, warm fireplace and a hot tub. That, you have to agree, is romantic. Now just add any or all of the ingredients listed above, and you have an Ossum recipe for a romantic getaway.

You need a plan, but don’t have to stick to it. Well, except when the plan includes a reservation for your in-cabin massage, biplane ride or guided trip.

Opossum Creek Retreat offers a few getaway packages to help give you ideas and make it easy, or make your own affordable romantic getaway package.


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