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Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

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Make Your Family Holiday Easier: Meet in the Middle

Time of year to round up the crew! Everyone’s heading to Grandma’s. You’ve got Aunt Cindy driving 10 hours, and Cousin Dan flying in from cross country…

Hang on, now. What?

Why not make it easier and just meet in the middle?

Chances are, OCR is in the middle for a lot of you folks. We’re smack dab in the center of the East. (which, in turn, makes it easier for West Coasters to travel in, too.) Did you know WV is the only state that is completely encompassed in the region known as Appalachia?  It’s the middle of nowhere in the middle of everywhere.

Meet in the middle at OCR, near all these major East Coast locations.

Meet in the middle at OCR, near all these major East Coast locations.

No one on the East Coast should be looking at more than a half-day’s drive, but there’s an airport nearby, too. The pinwheel graphic here shows you just how close we are to your city, or your family members’.

See, in the middle, right? So if you want to bring the whole family in, why not make it easy? What better way to spend quality time together than tucked into the West Virginia wilderness?

It definitely comes with some other perks, too:

  1. Fully stocked kitchens with all the tools and appliances you need to cook your holiday meal
  2. Lots of room. Cozy, spacious cabins. No one’ll be stuck on the couch. (unless you choose to put them there)
  3. A scenic forest setting
  4. …which provides the perfect excuse to not stay cooped up all day: Get out and explore together. Take off to into the wilderness of the New River Gorge, or jaunt to small-town Fayetteville to dine and shop.

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be the same place every year. Your familial love and holiday spirit aren’t locked up in Grandma’s cabinets; it will follow you wherever you go.

You’ve got memories to plant on your family tree. Sow them somewhere new.

Who’d like to round up your family here for the holidays?


  • libby callawy says:

    Would need a cabin for about 15 or a couple of cabins . Would be Thanksgiving, probably from Wed – Sat or Sun.

    • Geoff says:

      Hello The Meadows is great for 15 or more 18-20 max. Sometimes someone in the group will prefer to have a private cabin ( and we would all prefer they had one too, if you know what i am getting at) all the other cabins are an easy walk to The Meadows so everyone can be together for meals and fun but get some private time when wanted.

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