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Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

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Feed Me! Where to Eat After a Gauley River Trip

When I finish a river trip, it seems as if my belly is the stage for a production of “Little Shop of Horrors”.

Feed Me!

Feed Me!

“Feed me Seymour!”

Feeding the Beast At “Home”
One of the reason many choose a rental cabin over a hotel is so you can cook at “home”. Or at least your home away from home, which is what we like to think we give you here at OCR.

It’s easy, relaxing and fun. Simply toss some meat and veggies on the grill, pop a top and relax.

No driving, no need to “get ready” and you can have dessert while soaking in the hot tub.

Epicurean nirvana.

On the Town:
While we love cooking in, eating out in the New River Gorge area is a real treat.

While Fayetteville is known far and wide as an outdoors Mecca, the food is just as awesome and adventurous. Great food and atmosphere all with a decidedly casual feel.

Relax, you are on vacation!

Not Quite Fayetteville
One of Fayetteville’s food pioneers, Sedona Cantina and Tapas opened in Fayetteville in 1994. Now located on Route 16 (back-way between Oak Hill and Fayetteville), you will find a creative tapas menu plus they always have some full meals on special too.

OK Chinese Buffet was voted top 100 in the country (apparently someone eats A LOT of Chinese Buffett!) and let’s face it sometimes everyone can use a good Chinese buffet. Located in Kroger strip mall.

Rezan’s is on the outskirts of Fayetteville, and has a wide variety of really good stuff (chicken dip) on the menu. One half is for dining and on the other, you will find a fully stocked bar if so inclined. Located on Laurel creek road across hwy 19 from DQ and on right.

Getting the picture some places serve only beer and wine while others have liquor?

Dirty Ernie’s Rib Pit has cement floors covered in peanut shells, plywood booths and plastic table cloths. If you want to eat a baked potato the size of your head and get your yee-haw on. This is your place.

They make really good ribs (boiled, not smoked) and often have a wait on weekends. They are located across from Studio B Art Gallery and Wine Store, so you can do some browsing while you wait.

Downtown Fayetteville
The epicenter for New River Gorge cuisine. We like to park at the court house and walk to several of the many restaurants nibbling at each one. You can choose from tried and true classics and also sample some of the newest Gorge fare, all within a few blocks.

New Kids On the Block
The Vandalian offers impressive food in a bright, clean atmosphere. Located right on the corner near the Courthouse, you can expect to find a variety of dining options, including Sushi & Burgers on Sunday and Monday evenings. It’s a great way to please some varying palates.

The Secret Sandwich Society, is well, not much of a secret. David, a native New Yorker, and Tashia’s twist on a deli equals renditions of all our favorite sami’s and a few of their own. Only open during the day, you can expect great food and beers and an awesome back deck. Located right behind the Fayetteville Visitor’s Center.

Wildflower Bakery not only makes fresh-baked goods on a daily basis, they also serve up mean (as in good) lunch. Giant pastries, ooey-gooey cakes, crème horns. Yum! Trying to resist is futile. Located one door down from Courthouse.

Like Mexican food? Diogi’s co-owner, Oscar is from El Salvador. So it’s Mexican food, made better. Located across the parking lot from the Fayetteville Visitor’s Center you will find a fun, rustic interior with a river in the bar. Seriously. (they do serve Margaritas plus beer and wine)

Kickin’ It Old Skool
Tried and true. These restaurants have helped put Fayetteville on the map.

Cathedral Café is not in a cathedral but an old Methodist’s Church. Its picturesque interior highlighted by antique stained-glass has appeared in many magazines and papers. Serving Breakfast and lunch, this is a prime neighborhood hangout. Some really good food. Relax and enjoy.

Real Cajun food in the Gorge? Yes.

New owner Susan took over Gumbo’s this past winter and has spiced up the interior and menu both! Drip-off-yer-elbow-good Po’boys and burgers plus all the real-deal dishes from WV’s only Cajun Restaurant. Phat salads too. Located Next to Historic Fayette Theater one Door down from the court house.

Pies and Pints. Voted one on the USA’s best watering holes by Outside Magazine. Already needing to expand their location they are opening a location in Charleston WV in November. We aren’t really sure what “Gourmet pizza” means but they do have lots of delicious funky stuff on their pies. Grape and Spinach pie. One of my favs, you have to try. Located two blocks from the Courthouse on the left.

There are many other great places to eat in the area. However, Fayetteville is the culinary heavyweight in Southern West Virginia.

So many great options for your for your après-paddling dining, there is simply no bad choice, and no reason to choose a chain. Pick any one of the local eateries and enjoy.

Where is your favorite place to eat in Fayetteville?

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  • Just fed my soul with some carnitas at Diogi’s last night after a great day of kayaking on the Upper Gauley. Kudos for posting this info. as I think it’s a shame how many rafters get stuck in the vortex at the rafting companies and don’t venture into Fayetteville for some of the best epicurean delights you’ll find in West Virginia. It also helps to spread your tourism dollars around by supporting these local, small businesses. Whatever you do, avoid the sprawl of chain restaurants and fast food (Anywhere, USA) on the south side of town.

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