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Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

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It’s Gauley River Time. You Know, That One.

Holy. Moly.  I know I’ve got rental cabins and everything, but it’s Gauley Season.

You know the river I’m talking about?  On of the 10 best white water rafting rivers in the world?  With more than 100 rapids on it?  And 5 (some people say 6) Class V rapids in between all those other ones?

The infamous Pillow Rock rapid on the Gauley River.

Yeah. That one.

How can I explain it?  Gauley Season is just a special time around here.  First of all, the weather changes.  Summer is awesome, but the humidity can be, um, thick.  When it’s time for the Gauley River, all that humidity disappears like mist below Sweet’s Falls (that’s one of the Class Vs).

Then, the leaves start changing.  They begin maybe the weekend after Gauley Season starts, which is always the weekend after Labor Day, and tend to hit their peak on Bridge Day Weekend, which is always the last or right after last weekend of Gauley Season.  And if you’ve never seen the leaves turn in the Mountain State, all I can say is please please please please please come to see them.  They’re that good.

But if there’s one thing about Gauley Season that’s better than anything else, it’s the people.  Better than the river itself, even.

No, not really.  But close.  I love the people of Gauley Season.  Everyone’s in a better mood, excited, super-friendly… like we’re all sharing a great secret or something.

I guess we are.


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