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What’s The Big Deal about Graduation?

Although it was not in style, I did graduate from high school. I thought everyone did. Well, almost everyone. And I did not get what the big deal is, until now.

What a great reason to spend the weekend with family and friends. The whole weekend was relatively low-key. We made some of the food, ordered some from local restaurants. There was always a table full of snacks and drinks for whoever and whenever. Mostly we spent a lot of time talking and laughing with loved ones.

The first night everyone was on their own for dinner, and that worked really well, because everyone one was arriving at different times. The next night we made salads, and then ordered ribs from Dirty Ernie’s, and my wife’s favorite dish in town, shrimp & grits from Gumbo’s. It was easy and delicious.

One morning, all the guys went out to breakfast for a “man-date.” Fun stuff, great conversation and fellowship.

Graduation treats

Cupcakes from the graduation celebration.

On Saturday we had the party. We shared decorating and setting up the great room. Cousin Katie made a piñata that weighed as much as she does, and it was the hit of the bash, filled with all manner of stuff (family members thought a college kid might need not just candy.) The A-team of bakers made the requested table full of cupcakes.

Not sure who enjoyed them more: the people who made them, the ones who ate them or the ones who did both.

Pies & Pints

Graduation Pizzas from Pies & Pints!

Those darn kids. Yes, they graced us with their presence for a little while (as long as the pizza lasted.) It was great to see how freely these “kids” mingled with us old folks. Most of them had never met us, “the parents,” let alone the out-of-town relatives, and they really did mingle. These kids have stuff to distract them that we only saw in comic strips, yet they were present and participating in the whole evening, and they made it a lot more fun to be sure. Plus, they taught me how to take selfies. Watch out!

Grad party "groupie."

Group photo at the Graduation Party.

We don’t often use The Meadows for ourselves. It was great to see it first-hand, filled with love and laughter of family and friends. Maybe that is what the big deal is all about.

How is your family celebrating this graduation season? 

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