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I Was Invited To The Greenbrier Classic (But I Did Cabin Rentals Instead)

Free Greenbrier Classic PGA Tour tickets for me? Really?  Why, I would love to.  But I can’t. Thank you, though.

The Greenbrier: West Virginia Cabin Rentals are just over the mountains in the background.

I had to repeat that a few times last week.

What was I thinking?! I should have dropped everything on the to do list at our rental cabins to be at there. Do over please?

It was hot, rainy, and  (oh,who am I kidding) it was great. Many of the players commented on how much they loved WV, like  this quote from Jeff Overton in an interview:

“It’s just a great place,” Overton said. “It’s pretty cool what they’ve done with it here. I never knew anything like this existed in West Virginia. I knew there were some hidden gems in the world and this is definitely one of them.”

Staurt Appleby, you're welcome to stay at Opossum Creek Retreat your next time through. (Discount rates, too.)

We got tons of PR while on the stage of national TV, which, being a rental cabin guy, I absolutely love.  And I think we all looked very good. The course was in awesome shape, the match was to die for, down to the wire, out of nowhere shooting a 59 to win the inaugural Greenbrier Classic.


Who could ask for more? Me.  I could have been there.

What a week it was for WV. Next year, I’ll be ready. They say people were booking cabins and hotel rooms up to two hours away (we’re closer than that, BTW). And we have way better restaurants here than they do over there.  Just sayin’.

So next year, let’s all do a better job of planning ahead and get to the Greenbrier classic for another great event.

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