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Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

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Harm’s Way

On some level, we all ride in this space at all times. As humans, we seek it. Some seek more, much more. Others push as far as they can toward the safe end of the spectrum. We all should know it is there.

Veterans thanks

Thanks for your service!

This is not a USA thing. It is a human thing. It’s just that in the USA, we have options. Well, most of us do. In much of the world, the spectrum is infinitely smaller, and skewed hard toward the “harm’s way” end. My deepest hope is that our efforts in the truest and purest form can help this spectrum grow for the rest of our fellow human peoples.

Some call it freedom.

Putting yourself in harm’s way for the sake of others is a conscious choice. One that is not made without serious contemplation. Not everyone can sacrifice in this way. You are a special person.

In honor of those who choose to serve our country, we would like to say thank you for being willing, ready and able to be placed in harm’s way so the rest of us don’t have to get any where near that end of the spectrum.

For years, we have offered free cabins to the members of our armed services on Veterans Day just to say thank you. Today seems like a good day to make that offer again.

Thank you to those who serve and have served in harm’s way. As a gift to you in appreciation:

  • -2 free nights at Opossum Creek Retreat
  • -A set of OCR mugs or glasses, your choice. Let us know when you make your reservation.

First come, first served. All we ask in return for your free stay is that once you have stayed at Opossum Creek Retreat you post your favorite service-related picture to the OCR Facebook page and when you post it, tell us your rank, branch and where you served. Or take a selfy by our sign and post that.

If you have had the opportunity to take advantage of this offer in the past, please share the offer with your friends and family to allow others to do the same.


  • Sgt. David Smith
    Air Force
    Served at Sheppard Air Force Base (Wichita Falls, TX) and
    RAF Bentwaters (England).
    We would love to stay at your retreat! Will you contact me? Thank you!!

    • keithr says:

      Hi David,
      First and Foremost let me say Thank You for your service! Please give me a call at 888-488-4836 and I will be happy to make your reservation for Veterans Day Weekend.

  • Ann Sharp says:

    My son Sam served for 6 years in the Army, and this would be a wonderful getaway for him and his wife. Could I get more information?

  • Sgt. Mjr. Roy H Battell says:

    I served 37 years in the US Army and am now retired. This would be an awesome gtaway for my wife and I.
    Thanks for this awesome opportunity.

  • Greg Perry says:

    My wife Connie and I usually visit the area a couple of times a year and love Bridge Day. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of my veteran photos. It has been a long time since Desert Storm, 1990, when I was in the U.S. Air Force as a sergeant. We have never stayed at your resort but have always wanted to when we see it. It looks wonderful.

  • Roy Dale Grimm, Jr. says:

    US Army
    June 1966 to June 1968
    7TH Army Division
    Darmstadt, Germany

  • Meghan Shafer says:

    My husband is currently deployed, but he should be back in time to take advantage of this opportunity if there is any remaining availability… We have met family at OCR a couple of times over the last 12 years to celebrate holidays, and in doing so, have made memories to last a lifetime! Thank you for remembering those who serve!

    • keithr says:

      Hi Meghan,
      Thank you for your service! I do have limited availability for the Vets Weekend. Please give me a call soon at 888-488-4836

  • Larry W. Hawkins says:

    Larry and I would love to stay again this year! It was awesome of you guys to offer this. Thanks and hope to hear from you guys!

    • keithr says:

      Hello Hawkins’ Great to hear from you! Right now we are almost full and would like to give those who have not stayed with us on the Veterans deal first Crack. If something should happen to be open as we get closer I will let you know. Thanks! Keith

  • Willie Hatfield says:

    I served from 1969-1973. Served overseas due the Vietnam war. I would love to visit your area. Thank you!

  • Willie Hatfield says:

    I served in the Air Force during the Vietnam war. I would love to visit your area.

  • Amy Dallas says:

    Spc. Amy Dallas
    US Army
    Stationed at Ft. Benning, GA for two terms.
    We would love to stay at one of your cabins. Please notify ! Thank you, Amy

  • Shawn Shafer says:

    US Army fort hood texas 1998-2005 active duty OIF 1 from 2003-2004. I would love a weekend getaway at your cabins. Thank you

  • Norman Blackwell says:

    I served in the U.S. Navy from 1981-2001, and retired after 20 years service. As a Native of West Virginia, I love my state, and that area of West Virginia, as my wife and I got married at Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park June of this year. This is awesome what you are doing for our Veterans of this great country. My wife and I would gladly take a spot. But afford the opportunity to one of our brave military members on active duty now. However, I would also be very appreciative if a cabin was available. But please offer a cabin to one of our active duty members serving us now.

  • Nikki Speicher says:

    I have just finished up 8 years in the Army. I have never stayed here but this would be a great retreat and getaway weekend. I served in Iraq for 13 months 2008-2009.

  • John Cross says:

    I would love to getaway and experience that area. While I was in the Navy I would always tell others about the Bridge Day. If you email me I could send photos

  • Steven Lockhart says:

    I was trying to signup for the veterans day weekend package My name is Steven C Lockhart my rank was Ssgt my service dates was july 1982 – dec 1994. My branch was Air Force. I served at Grissom afb Indiana Eilson afb Alaska and Offutt afb Nebraska please send me information on the package so that my wife Teresa and myself can come and visit youre park for a good time

  • Mark Billings says:

    Desert storm veteran. 14 years in the US Army. Very interested in this opportunity. Could you please send me some more information? Thank you in advanced.

  • Jessica Brown says:

    My husband spent 18 long months in Iraq right before we married. He would love this! Can you send me more information? Thank you!

  • Steve Postalwait says:

    I served In Iraq from 2003 to 2004. Specialist us army. Have never been to your resort and would love to visit

  • Paige says:

    I have 8 years of service from ’06-’14 and served in MD, VA, UAE, and GU

    My husband has serviced from ’05-present in MD, UAE, and GU.

    This would be great to take advantage of as he does not get home to WV very often and it’s close to his home of record! Regardless of if we are able to take advantage of this, thank you for doing this for our nation’s veterans. Very thoughtful!

  • Ashley says:

    My husband was in the army 07/08-05/2011 would love a get away:)

    • keithr says:

      Hi Ashley,
      Please extend our thank to your husband! We are all filled up for this years Veterans Day stay. Please like us on facebook and sign up for our newletter to get the first notification of next years offer.

  • Paul Short says:

    I served this great country from 1978-1984 in the U.S.Navy. I was Petty Officer2nd class. I spent time in Central America, Granada, and lots of ports in the Mediterranean. I would love the chance for myself and my wife to spend time at your resort but like one of my brothers had said before please consider one of the brave young men or women that is serving now first.

    • keithr says:

      Hi Paul,
      Thank you for your service! watch our facebook page and sign up for our newsletter to get “first notification” for next years Free Vets Day weekend! We are already all filled up for this year.

  • James Rhodes says:

    Born and raised in W.Va but did not get to enjoy that part of the State. I am a disabled Vet but did not serve outside of the U.S. It is great what you are doing, God Bless

  • US Army E4. What a pleasure to serve. Was in Arizona, Germany and Ft. Bragg.

  • Joshua Springer says:

    Iraq 2004-2005 injured in theatre and spent 2005-2006 in a medical hold facility at Fort Knox for a total of 27 months.

  • jack dickerson says:

    MSG ….ARMY NATIONAL GUARD 1980=Present……Very nice of you to offer this…If still have availability, would love to enjoy a weekend there, ….If not, maybe the next year…Thank you…

  • Tracy Smith says:

    My husband is a 100 percent disabled veteran. He served in the army in Vietnam. This would be an awesome getaway for him as he has just recovered from knee replacement surgery. Thanks for considering us.

  • Matt Davis says:

    I served in the Air Force 02-08 (SSgt) and pulled one tour in Iraq. I currently reside in Fayetteville and just wanted to say what an awesome thing it is you’re doing to honor our vets. God bless you!!

  • Jammie ferrell says:

    Served in the Navy from 90-94. I was stationed in San Diego, CA and Norfolk, VA. Would be a nice get away for my wife and me.

    • keithr says:

      Hi Jammie,
      Thank you for your service! We are all filled up for this year but sign up for our newsletter and watch our facebook page. That’s where we first announce for next years Free Vets Weekend.

  • Ray Ulmer says:

    Served in Vietnam 69-70, Army, Spec-5, 2/17th Cav 101st Airborne at Camp Eagle. My only pics are in slide form. Would love to take you up on your offer if any available units. Nice thing you are doing, regardless. Thank you.

    • keithr says:

      First and foremost, Thank you for your service! I really can’t say it enough. Thank YOU! We are all filled up for this year. Please keep a watch on our facebook page and sign up for our newsletter. Thats where we first announce the free Vets Weekend.

    • keithr says:

      Thank you for saying so and Thank you for your service! We are all filled up for this year but keep an eye out on our facebook page and sign up for our newsletter. That is the first place we open for reservations for this offer!

  • mathew taylor says:

    Mathew Taylor E-5, Marines 2000-2005, WV National Guard 2005-2012 Served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Would love to stay!

    • keithr says:

      Thank you for your service! We are all filled up for this year but please watch our facebook page and sign up for our newsletter. That will be the first place we announce next years free Veterans weekend!

  • Frank Rhodes says:

    This is wonderful and very thoughtful. Would love to have a very overdue stay away from home. US army.

    • keithr says:

      Hi Frank,
      Thank you so much for your service. We are all filled up for this year but like and watch our facebook page and sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be the first to know when we open up this offer for next year.

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