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How I Fell in Love in September in West Virginia

I fell in love in West Virginia in September and you should too.

The year and the date are a little fuzzy, but I do remember the place. I traveled a lot back then. I had just rolled in from Montana, in the dark chased down a windy two-lane road by a coal truck. The next morning I hit some raft companies up for a job. Late in the day an owner of one of the companies was walking out the door when I pulled up. You a guide? Yes. Where from? Montana. Really, they have white water there? Catfish hired me on the spot, not for my river resume but “based on the collection of cassette tapes on your dashboard”. I was on the river the next day.

Yes, the Gauley River is everything it is made out to be!

Falling in love in West Virginia

The river I was ready for. The tall drink of water from UVA I was not.

But that is another love story. This particular story is about West Virginia’s New River Gorge National River and Gauley River National Recreation Area in the fall.

 Why You Should Visit WV in September

September anywhere is a great month. It is fantastic here.

I must admit I had some preconceived prejudices about WV. Some of them were well deserved. Some were unfounded. But all add to the character that makes this place so wonderful.

My first year here, I had only two or three days of work per week and got to spend the rest of the time exploring, fishing, hiking, golfing, and biking. I thought this was a wonderful place to visit; lots of very high caliber activities. As everyone knows, the Gauley River is world class and that has not changed, never will.

Happily Ever After

What has changed (and is not so well-known) is that everything else is just as good.

Really! Just as good. I am not bragging (okay I am), but my passport looks like someone used it to test stamps at the factory. I have spent time in 46 of our states. This place, our place, The New River Gorge Area, what I now call home, has something really good for everyone. Well almost (don’t show up looking for carnival rides, t-shirt shops, and rubber tomahawks).

We even have more really good restaurants than you could get sick of in a year, let alone a weekend.

I am having a hard time separating these two love stories. You see, Catfish did another favor for me a few weeks into that first September. He introduced me to that tall drink of water from UVA, my future wife. I am forever grateful for both favors.

This September will mark 20 some years for these two loves. There is something here that you will love too. Come test my theory.


  • Jan Murphy (Gay Gay) says:

    Happy, enduring love stories. Miss you all. xoxox

  • Chrissi says:

    Geoffie, you have such a way with words! Brilliant! Easy to understand both of your loves…beautiful, fun, no other on earth like them. Love to the fam!! Miss you!

  • Pat Heeter says:

    September…your heart is full…your mind ever creative…can hardly wait for our visit in September. Love to you all. mom

  • Shovon says:

    I actually do a lot of work arunod the gorge, and the most disappointing thing about it is now every photo I take there gets a That looks like Twilight! comment.

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