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Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

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How to Guarantee a Blue Bird Day

Do not try this at home (unless you are a glutton for punishment).
I have tested this theory many times in the past and twice in the last 4 days. It works.

My idea of a perfect day - by Lou Reed.

My idea of a perfect day – by Lou Reed.

I know how to make a bluebird day.

Please do not subject yourself to this experiment. Trust me!

This is the formula to guarantee a perfect weather day.

Find a project that you loathe. For me it is anything that makes me sit at my desk, especially accounting/data entry. Add in a heavy fine or penalty from some humorless bureaucracy.

Next, schedule other good stuff you like to do right up to said projects deadline.

Sprinkle on tons of procrastination, dogged, sour, heels dug in to the bitter last minute. Now I lock myself in the office before dawn and start entering months worth of old info into the computer and, voila! The weather outside is perfect.

I know some of you reaped the benefits of my sacrifice the past couple days, as I have yours many times over the years.

FYI: On how to end the perfect day. As the sun was setting, I lost all but one of the 5 months of data and will be back at it tomorrow. Plan accordingly.

I think I need my own cabin getaway. How about you?
Ever had a day like this? Tell me about it.

What’s a picture of your perfect day look like?

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