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Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

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How To Tell If You’re On Vacation In The New River Gorge

You can tell if you’re on vacation in the New River Gorge.  There’s a feeling that you’ll never be able to do everything. A weekend is just not enough time.

I first came to the New River Gorge area in 1992, and I went through some culture shock for sure. I had always lived in high population areas and was used to that sort of lifestyle. From the burbs of Philadelphia PA to the Orlando area, there was always a BIG city around.

Walk in the woods

Still, I always managed to find the most rural areas to escape to, no matter where it was I lived.  But when I came here, it wasn’t long before I realized I was in the escape place. A few months here (and outside of what had become my element) and a 40+ inch snow storm in March, and I was ready to go straight back to Florida. Thankfully though, I decided to give it a bit more time before packing my bags and hitting the road.

It’s been 18 years now and I still haven’t seen all there is to see in the Gorge area.  If you love to be outside like I do, then West Virginia (especially the New River area) has plenty of excuses to get out and play.

Once I got acclimated to the area, and got to know some local friendly folks, history, and lore, I became fascinated with the area. I began to explore almost all the area has to offer.  Now, I find it hard to imagine myself being away from here for too long a period. Even on short trips away I find myself pining for the mountains that I call home.

I love to help get our guests headed in the right direction. I know- my job rocks.  Whether folks are into high adventure or a little walking exploration, a typical day at OCR is anything but typical. You may be rafting on the New or Gauley River, climbing with New River Mountain Guides, taking a tour of Summersville Lake in a Kayak, or simply hiking some of the 70 miles of trails that live inside the park boundaries. To be in the woods in the Gorge area can be a therapeutic escape in any season.

If you’re completely relaxed, exhilarated, content, and really really happy, then it’s probably a good bet that you’re on vacation in the New River Gorge.

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