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Who scheduled June?!?

Whose idea was June anyway? It is crazy hectic. Too hectic. Or maybe that’s what makes us really appreciate summer vacation even more.

Busy in June


Yes, hectic non-stop events and special occasions. Just look at this line up.

First, school is not out yet for some poor unlucky saps. They are strapped down till mid-month while siblings and friends at another school or grade are basking in the glory of SUMMERTIME!

This alone can rip a household apart. I am used to getting everyone out the door by 7 a.m. and having an hour to clean up the kitchen, start some laundry, check emails and the like before I have to get going on writing a blog. Who are all these people in my office? Be quiet, I am working! Better yet, just leave!

Hey, that worked!

Now we add the high-flying act of commencements (Yes, for the one I just kicked out of the house… I mean, my office.) Oh the freedom! Out the door, love you, bye!  AND get a JOB!

Commencement. This is amazing to witness for the first time. I have been at all the big games and never experienced the passion and fervor that was poured upon the graduates of our local high school. Some are the first-ever in their family. Let that sink in for a while.

Some kids got cheers from their clan, some from the other students, some from the band, some from the teachers, and some felt the roar of the whole crowd. It was contagious, exciting and fun. And yes, everyone went wild for the kid who, even in this day and age in the USA, was the first to graduate from high school in his family! Ever! His family was unhinged, tattooed, clad in wife-beaters, cheering and sobbing for joy, and we cheered with them. I could turn this into a rant about our failed education system, but I wont.

Wow, I am glad that is over for a couple of years, and I know what to expect next time.

Next up, the June Bride. This is so cool. We have several weddings each year, some big (like 150 people big) and some small. Or maybe you would say tiny, just 30-40 people. No matter the size, the sentiment is amazing. Always filled with emotions— loving, fun, exciting, hopeful emotions. We get to see some very unique weddings that say a lot about the individuals involved.

And this brings me to the next thing: my anniversary. Yes, I am a traditional June groom. Even wore a suit. Searsucker, thank you.

So let’s not stop there, and drop a couple of really big birthdays in the mix, like my Mom’s AND my wife’s.

SO, with all this going on, the build up, the planning, the scheduling and having many years of practice… how could I forget?

I know, right? Pure you-dumb-shit, smack-to-the-forehead, “Oh nooooo not again!!!”

Yes, it is not the first time, so I know the weight of this mental malfunction. And it can persist for years.

Nothing fixes it, except when your betrothed forgot, too! Yep, we both totally spaced out on our anniversary.

Thank God!

This is what I am talking about. It’s just too much going on all at once. Can’t we give some of this to July or August? The weight is cast off and I can soar for another year. What? It was my mother’s birthday?

Oh boy.

I need June to calm down. There is just too much happening for me to keep up. Now, the 4th of July marks the real beginning of summer. Nothing but fun for the whole month.

Relax, it is finally summer fun family vacation time.

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