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Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

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Slacking and Making Up Seasons


Well yes, we have been slacking. Thank you for noticing. It means you care.

You may have noticed that the “what is it contest” on the Facebook fan page has been absent of late. Guilty as charged. Others noticed our blog postings have slowed. Well, that we can explain. It became difficult to write as the prizes we meant to give away piled up. We’ll fix that.

Like the moon and the seasons, here at Opossum Creek Retreat, we tend to wax and wane too.

Ski West VirginiaOne of the things I like most about hospitality and living in a vacation destination like The New River Gorge National Park is this: There are seasons. Very distinct seasons. These seasons mean change. We like that.

Just as the seasons change, our guests change too. Right now, there are not as many folks visiting us as did in the summer and fall. Or even the winter. During the “shoulder season” it’s always interesting to watch the change in why you visit us. In fact, it leads us to start making up our own season. Sometimes, we even make up words to describe our made-up seasons.

Need an example? We’ve entered the “Just looking for a relaxing getaway at a nice quiet cabin” season. It’s one of our favorites.

Not too long ago, we were knee-deep in “fall color tour, hike and raft the Gauley River” season.

Before that? “Hang out with friends and do stuff then grill” season. That right there, is good fun (and good food).

Need a reason to visit? Make up your own season and celebrate. Post it on our fan page and you just might win something. After all, we need to get rid of a few prizes, so we can get back to writing.

Well? What’s your made-up season?

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