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Hot Tub

Relax. Enjoy Your Cabin in the Woods.

DIY weddings



You so deserve this.


Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

The New River Gorge National Park

Our back yard


Gorgeous weddings in The New River Gorge

Family Hike

Making memories.

Mother’s Day Neglected.

Mom says:

for a Mother's Day vacation

Of course you don’t have to bring everyone… unless you really want to.

“Oh, it’s okay. Don’t do anything special for me.”

You have heard your Mom say that, haven’t you?

This is tricky, because sometimes she means it; other times, not so much.

The question is: why risk it?

Yes, for some weird reason, Mother’s Day gets neglected, and I don’t know why. Do you?

You can fix this for your Mom, and maybe make up for some of those other Mother’s Days.

The weather is great. Spring is in all its glory. We just finished an amazing week hosting The New River Birding and Nature Festival, and we are all warmed up and ready to go here in the New River Gorge area. Come join us.

Make Mom really happy, and bring her to OCR this weekend.

We will even buy you lunch. Just mention this post.

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