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4 Ways to Enjoy the Fall Colors in the New River Gorge

My favorite time of year? It’s hands down. Fall.

Autumn leaves

Country Roads

Since childhood, the anticipation of fall has excited me. It’s quite simply the best time of year to be outside.

  • Cooler Temperatures
  • Clear Blue Skies
  • Leaves Changing Color
  • Football Season
  • “sweatshirt weather”
  • Hunting Season
  • Fresh Apple Pie (I Like Pie)

Need I say more? No, but I’m going to.

Fall also brings about the harvest. Fresh apples (did someone say pie?!) and pumpkins, the site of freshly-cut hay bales dotting the fields. There is just nothing like a crisp, cool, fall-evening and the smell of fresh-baked apple pie coming from the kitchen. Folks, that right there…is living.

Fall Foliage
Whether you are an honest-to-goodness leaf-peeper, or a casual admirer, there is no arguing that the star of fall is the “show” of colors. From the first tinge of color in September, the woods are generally on fire with color by late October. No matter which camp you might subscribe, I guarantee that full-fall color in the New River Gorge will take your breath away.

4 Ways to Enjoy Fall Colors in the New River Gorge

  • Hike Long Point Trail
  • This is my personal favorite hike. Long Point trail begins just outside of Fayetteville and offers a breathtaking view of the New River Gorge, and New River Gorge Bridge, at the end of the 1.6 mile hike.

  • Hike (some more!) Fern Creek Trail
  • A beautiful walk through the woods along Fern Creek. This trail also has some amazing views of the Gorge.

  • Float Trip on the Upper New River
  • Plenty of long pools of warm water that allow you to check out the colors from the bottom up.

  • Kayak (or Canoe) Hawks Nest Lake
  • The lake and its surroundings provide an incredible scene as you paddle around.  Don’t have a canoe or a kayak, simply visit  Hawks Nest State Park and take the tram to the bottom and enjoy a stroll.

Fall in the New River Gorge truly is an awesome time to take a walk in woods.

What is your favorite thing about fall?


  • I heard acorns falling on Long Point Trail today which tells me fall is on the way. I always enjoy late season Gauley trips on the first or second week of October when the water is warm, the air is cool, and the colors are brilliant.

  • richard says:

    have the leaves started changing yet, and when will they be fully painted? We want to make our annual trip up from Boone Co.

    • geoffheeter says:

      We are really happy that most of the trees are primed to pop with color.
      Many individual trees are showing there stuff and this will continue until about the 3rd week of October. At that time we expect the peak. Remember you can move up or down in elevation and change the season by a week or two in a lazy day trip from the cabins.

  • David Bruns says:

    How about taking the Amtrak Cardinal? Good for those who aren’t physically active.

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