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Now Presenting: Community Theater and Opossum Creek Retreat

Hey there, It’s me, Keith from Opossum Creek Retreat. The Historic Fayette Theatre has been a big part of our winter/spring for quite some time. I haven’t been IN a production for the last two years, but still have managed to lend a hand in building sets etc. for the spring show. However, Geoff is enjoying time in the limelight this year, sharing the stage with BOTH of his kids, Erin and Cameron.

Geoff and Keith in Action

The bottom line is it’s a huge commitment. We take giving back to our community (in this case our community theater) very seriously and love to be involved.  This is nothing new, and I’ve written about it before.

Last year we offered our guests tickets to the show; they loved it. So once again, this spring we’re offering our guests who would like to see the show (and trust us, you do), free tickets to a performance during your stay here at Opossum Creek Retreat. Mention this offer when you make your reservation and we will include tickets for your group during your stay.  The show is playing several dates the last two weeks in March.  There are plenty of great places to eat right within walking distance of the theatre, so make an evening of it and enjoy dinner and show!

The Wild, Wild, Wildest West

Warning: Shows are often SOLD OUT! The Spring show, produced by Millie Petersen and her hand picked crew, almost always sells out. It has grown in popularity so much that people come from all over to see these shows.

Past productions include Cinderella, Jack and the Giant, Oz, Way out West in a Dress, Doo Wop Wed Widing Hood, The Lady Pirates of Captain Bree (after my roll in this play, I was recognized 3 states away). All shows are family friendly.

This year’s production is “Wild Wild Wildest West”, directed by Sharon Bibb, produced by Millie Peterson, and featuring a talented cast.  Best of all?  See our own Geoff Heeter as “Snydly Dastardly”!

Are you ready for a night at the Theatre?



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