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Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

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Ossum the opossum meme

Memes are kind of like fact checking the candidates. “Mostly true, and a very good sentiment” is how I would rate this one.Ossum meme

Don’t get me wrong! Opossums are very good at what they do, and mostly go unnoticed. (Except for on the highway; that they are not good at)

Do they eat lots of ticks and other bugs? Yes, and really any little thing they can catch.
Not often would they open your trash, but they will check out the open bag. (That was probably your dog or someone else’s, or maybe a raccoon or the crows and ravens. Yep, they do that)

Opossums are hidden in plain sight during the day under a rock or porch or in a hole in a tree, and only come out at night to do their good deeds.

I believe Opossums to have an inferiority complex. They are nocturnal, because they don’t think they look cute like their buddy the racoon (Who is also nocturnal). So they hide in the dark doing the hard work of finding and eating ticks and other bugs and mice, and cleaning up fallen fruit.

Just like the meme says, they won’t hurt you. They just want to be left alone. They rarely carry rabies, and are not aggressive. Give them some space, and they are happy to do your dirty work.

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