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Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

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Rental Cabins, Beer, and Me: A Love Story

The first beer I ever tasted sucked.  I was 8 or 9 and it was a Michelob.  I still don’t like Michelob.

Everything about brewing beer makes people happy

I didn’t give up, though. I tried other beers (especially if no one was looking), and eventually found some I liked.

Ahh... Local Brew. Lovely.

Fast forward 40 years.  I’m traveling in the Czech republic with my family. We land in Prauge and the first restaurant we go to has been serving food for over 500 years. They just happen to have my favorite beer in the world on tap. Pilsen Urqual. Brewed by monks, the pils uses the same yeast for over 300 years.  And soon I am blessing The Rope Makers Wife.  Amazing food.  Wonderful setting. Great beer.

We soon set out for the countryside. We traveled by train all over for 3 week and tasted dozens of beers, the likes of which I only imagined during my long gone Michelob days. In the Czech Republic, every town has its own brewery.  If there are 500 people within walking distance, there’s a brewery.  It’s mind boggling. At the end of the trip we found ourselves back at the Rope Makers Wife. My son Cameron took a sip of the Pilsen and said “This is the worst beer we’ve had on the whole trip” I hate to admit it but the 8 year old was absolutely right.

In West Virginia, we don’t have a brewery in every town.  But we have one in ours. There are vineyards’ in every direction and a distillery too. But today we’re talking about beer.

The local goods.

There’s a lot to be said for taking on a craft that has been worked for thousands of years. To think that you could bring something new to it, meaning full contribution to the evolution of the process, seems intimidating.

SOOO happy to see this sign.

Well, I suppose you could go a little less philosophical and just make really good beer. Most of the eateries and convenience stores have the local suds, so give ‘em a try.  Break your old Michelob habits-  you’re on vacation.  Live a little, and try some local West Virginia brew.


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