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Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

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Secret Stories Of People’s Favorite Cabins

The highest compliment we can receive is a repeat guest.

We actually have lots of them. Not bragging or anything.  Just saying lots of people come back to Opossum Creek Retreat to stay in their little cabin in the woods. And since that’s what we do, we think it’s a beautiful thing.


Some folks come back several times a year. Others take the same cabin on the same holiday every time (and have for almost a decade).   We’ve had guests that will change their vacation plans to get their favorite cabin.  That’s not typical, but hey, neither is love.

Everyone’s got a reason.  Some people say we saved their marriage.  Others say we caused theirs.  Still others still come back every year with more and more kids, and tell us it all started here.  From first dates to first vows, there’s something special about this place (the hot tubs?) that people love to come back to.

Don’t get me wrong.  Not everyone comes back.  Not everyone gets it (a few really don’t get it: “there are bugs and noises outside the cabin, and the woods were very dark, so we left”).  We don’t offer a paved environment, room service, valet parking or street lights lighting up the woods at night.  So I guess that means to be prepared to, um, stay in a cabin.

I think (actually, I know) people request a particular cabin from year to year because that cabin in the woods makes them feel comfortable and at peace with the surroundings. They keep memories there, and add to them year after year.  It makes us feel good to know they trust us to keep things just so and welcome them back. Very cool.

Each of the cabins has its own personality, and you can see it in the guest book comments.   There’s a theme in each one (working on those posts, I promise).  They all have the same basic features, but we’ve given them all their own unique touches of wood working and art.   What’s the quote about the guy who loves what he does so much that he never has to go to work?  That’s me.

I believe our guest come back to the same cabin over and over because it is here they find it easiest place in the world to relax.  Just a guess.

And for the record, my own personal favorite cabin is whichever one I fall asleep in when I’m supposed to be doing yardwork 🙂

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