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Disney, but Dirtier: The BSA Summit is Not All Sparkle, But it Shines

Mud from Summit

Mud cakes the grounds at the Summit Reserve


The BSA Summit is very “Disney-esque.” Very well organized; everyone knows what to do when. Amazing design, wonderfully constructed with attention to detail.

Yes, they are still studying mud.

I heard not one complaint about the mud. But there is lots of it.

But the Tree House is perfect. What an amazing piece of work! Every school kid in Fayette County needs to spend the day in it. Or better yet, every school kid in the region. Heck, the country. This is a truly world-class learning environment.

Tree House

The Summit’s Tree House

I would like a tour just to tell me about the bridge. The giant swinging bridge. Whoever thought this up was tripping for sure, and wow, is it OSSUM!

There are not many straight lines, and that is really cool. Even when they could go in a straight line, they did not, and man does it pay off in the overall feel of the place.

Could they do things better? Like have a lot more trash cans? And with every trash can a recycling bin? This is a big disconnect from the message that is so perfectly delivered in the Tree House.

Of course, “It will be better next time.”

But we saw so many happy faces, you had to smile along with them. From the fat old white guys in their scout outfits huffing up the hills talking about the wonders their troops had seen and experienced, to the solo young lady in her Venturer’s uniform from some foreign land studying every detail of the Tree House exhibit. I imagine her taking the idea back to her homeland and building something like it.

Summit Bridge

Geoff and his favorite part of the Summit!

The happy young locals laughed with the Scouts as they sold ice cream and lemonade from under little umbrellas, feeling the weight of the cash in their pockets and the newfound understanding that the Scouts are a lot like us.

Yes, business was slow for us, and all the other businesses I have talked to. Maybe that will change for the next one. Maybe we will see residual positive business from this long-term.

The most fantastic part, one way or another, no matter how distant or disjointed the connection between you and our visitors to the Summit is, this event changed people’s lives, because they came here to our WV.

Way to go Mountaineers! Gramp B would be proud.


Look what we found in the Tree House!

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