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The New River Gorge – Your ‘Bucket List’ Destination

If you have a “Bucket List”, this is a great place to fill it up! I might not always remember that though.

It’s kind of like when I worked at Disney. I had all of these awesome activities right at your fingertips, but ended up taking it for granted every day.

Skydiving on your bucket list?

So when Geoff told me that one of his family members here for their family reunion ticked off 4 items from his bucket list, it got me thinking.

There really are some great and unique things to do here at the New River Gorge National River! For a lot of people, the things you can do here  are “Bucket List” items. For example:

  • Doing a Barrel Roll in a WWII Bi-Plane!
  • Rock Climbing!
  • Get on the catwalk of a REALLY tall bridge!
  • White Water Rafting!
  • Learn to kayak!
These are just a few of the awesome adventures you’ll find in the Gorge. And remember, bucket list items don’t only have to be extreme adventure. Maybe your bucket list includes seeing an eagle in the wild, or trying a West Virginia craft beer. Maybe it’s been your lifelong dream to see The Mystery Hole.

So if you have a list, c’mon over and we’ll start helping you cross those tasks.

What’s on your bucket list?


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