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Top 10 Things to Do at Christmas at Opossum Creek Retreat

A cabin getaway for the holiday. Sounds nice itself, right?

Yeah, but here at Opossum Creek Retreat, there’s a lot more to do than just get away.

Bond with the family (or take a break from them) with our Top 10 things to do at Christmas at Opossum Creek Retreat.

1.  Cozy Cabin Family Time

Family dinner

Family meals together ’round the table.

Find solace in a luxury home-away-from-home. Big family? There’s room for everyone. And not just room, but comfortable sleeping quarters; no quilts sprawled across a hard floor.

Your own home & kitchen can stay clean as a whistle when the family comes to town. All the cabin kitchens are fully stocked for cooking your family meals. The Meadows even has 2 ovens so you can bake up an indulgent holiday feast for the whole family.

We built this forest retreat ourselves, so it’s family tested and approved.

2. Winter Adventure

The New River Gorge is the capital of outdoor excitement on the East Coast. And that’s all year long.

For starters, there’s Winterplace Ski Resort. There, everyone can take their pick— a day of skiing, snowboarding or snow tubing. The little ones as young as 4 can start sliding the slopes, and anyone who’s sprouted more than 44 inches can hop on a tube.

Up the ante with some of Fayette County’s cross-country skiing trails. Or, grab the little ones for a snowy trek through the forest or out to one of the Gorge’s ghost towns. Strap on some snowshoes and wade through the pristine powder just outside the cabin door.

3. Season On Stage

Remember gathering around the TV together for a Christmas classic? Relive that at the Raleigh Playhouse, which will be sharing your favorite movie memories on the big screen. They’ve dug through the vault for “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Home Alone,” “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” and more.

4. Fayetteville Flavor

No one has to cook to enjoy a homestyle meal. We have countless small, family-owned restaurants nearby, where someone else’s grandma is eager to whip up her secret recipe for you.

Fayetteville is hub of culinary creativity, with unique eats as well as down-home comfort foods. Gourmet pizzas, south of the border dishes with an El Salvadorian spin, the simple and spicy kick of cajun and creole, sandwiches with juicy toppings and homemade sauces.

And that’s just a sampling of the smorgasbord. Want our insight on which plates to taste? Read our dining guide.

5. Artisan Gifts

Appalachia is home to rich crafting tradition, and you can find unique works here you won’t see outside this region, from hand-blown Blenko glass to sewn quilts. Just down the road, you can explore  20+ small, local artisan shops. Our local shopping guide will lead you to some of the best.

You can even watch artisans at work at Tamarack. Learn what goes into crafting each holiday gift, and discuss the details and inspirations with the artists themselves.

6. Scenic Winter Scapes

Family winter fun

A winter stroll through the forest.

There is nothing out there more beautiful than the New River Gorge in the winter. Nothing.

Trust us. We’ve been there. We’ve seen it. And it’s no NRG.

Enjoy the beauty with your loved ones. Hike along the mountain terrain and peek down over the snow-blanketed mountains. Or, get the bird’s eye from the architectural icon of the New River Gorge Bridge. BridgeWalk’s seasonal discount lets you get the best view of the entire sweeping scene, crossing the catwalk from 800+ feet above it.

And Opossum Creek is right out in the middle of the wilderness beauty. You won’t even have to leave the cabin for stunning forest views.

7. The Best Decor Setting

Everyone loves the shimmer and glow of Christmas lights, but the seasonal views are so much more breathtaking against the backdrop of the Gorge.

Take a mini-tour of our favorites: Hawks Nest State Park lights up the forest beautifully and over-the-top every year. You can drive by and enjoy them from the warmth of your car.  Then, it’s only a short trip to see through the more than 150,000 sparkling Lacey’s Lights at Fayette County Park.

8. Nostalgic Tradition

Sometimes, it just takes something simple.

Head out to one of the local tree farms, and look over the lush greens to choose your perfect tree. Find the grandest, fullest fir, or choose the smallest of the patch to spruce up and decorate royally.

Cut your selection yourself, and bring it back to the cabin to decorate with the family. String it with lights and your favorite ornaments, or bring out the paper and scissors for a fun evening of creating together.

Heck, if you want, we will pick one out for you and have it ready for you to decorate.

9. New Year Celebration

Christmas isn’t the only holiday of the season. Get ready for 2-0-1-4!

Take a trip and enjoy the evening tucked away with your closest for a toast.  Or make it a big deal. It  is a whole new year, after all. Join the festivities at Smokey’s on the Gorge for a grand celebration! Enjoy local musical favorites Big Daddy and the Mudcats, and dine on the finest flavors of 2013 at the chef’s gourmet buffet.

10. Relaxation

Relaxing at OCR. So basic we almost forgot it. But it really is nice to just sit back and soak in the hot tub (every cabin has one!) Or enjoy a deep massage. Ahhh… nice.

Whew. That was a heckuva list. And those are just our personal top 10.

You might fancy something else this season. Let us know what you like, and we’ll help you plan your trip to Opossum Creek Retreat.

Reserve your nights now, while the season is in swing!

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