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Yoga Teacher Training, a Study of Ashaya Yoga



Ashaya In-Depth Study and

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

    Yoga Teacher Training held at Opossum Creek Retreat, Lansing WV, a fully equipped Retreat Center with lodging, hot tubs, hiking trails, and yoga room situated just minutes away from the beauty of the New River Gorge. Lodging available for the full 18 nights for as low as $100 total.

*before applying for the training, please read the information below.  Application link will be at the bottom of the page*

Take the Journey

Designed for aspiring yoga teachers and/or yogis who seek to deepen their practice and knowledge through a structured curriculum, this yoga teacher training will support you in awakening your heart and living a more meaningful and empowered life of freedom and joy. Through immersion in the life-affirming teachings of Ashaya Yoga®, you will transform your body, mind, and heart.

Why In-Depth Study

The curriculum of the Ashaya Yoga® In-Depth Study and Yoga Teacher Training Program is rooted in the fundamentals of the practices of asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, and anatomy. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the deeper studies of yoga and build a stronger, more flexible and balanced body, a focused, clear, and calm mind, and establish yourself in your connection to spirit.

Learning to Teach Yoga

yoga teacher trainingyoga teacher training

Within the supportive community environment, you will be championed to discover your own unique gifts as a teacher and learn how to offer them with confidence and clarity. You will be encouraged and supported to step into your own power and discover your authentic voice as you share the essence of yoga, which is love.

The journey of becoming a Yoga teacher is one of profound transformation and radical self-discovery. It requires a dedicated practice, ongoing studentship, and a willingness to open to the creative impulse of life.

Instructor – Randy Boyd (E-RYT 500)

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yoga teacher

Teacher Randy Boyd

Randy is one of West Virginia’s most highly trained yoga teachers. He completed a 200 hour teacher training with Todd Norian in the Anusara school of Yoga in 2007. In 2012, he completed his first 500 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training thru the Anusara method. In 2016 he completed an advanced certification in the Ashaya Yoga Advanced 300 hour Teacher Training.

In 2016 he was certified as a yoga therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  During the yoga therapy certification process Randy documented 400 hours of yoga therapy training and over 500 hours of client therapy.

Randy has studied extensively with some of the world’s most renowned yoga teachers including Todd Norian, Martin Kirk, John Friend, Sianna Sherman, Desiree Raumbaugh, Jenny Otto, Parvrati Nath, Dr. Loren Fishman, Doug Keller, and Ellen Saltonstall. He routinely receives referrals from medical providers for private yoga therapy sessions. He teaches private yoga and yoga therapy at various studios throughout WV.

He teaches teacher trainings, advanced teacher trainings, retreats and workshops in West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Massachusetts. He has been training and assisting in teacher trainings since 2011.

Randy he has also studied Anusara, Ivengar, and Vinyasa yoga. He has trained with several tantric Sanskrit scholars including Douglas Brooks PhD, Bill Mahoney PhD, and Chris Wallace PhD.  Randy is also certified in the Dr. Loren Fishman method of yoga for osteoporosis. Dr Fishman has published this study in several medical journals. Randy a assisted Dr. Fishman in training teachers in this method.

“Randy Boyd is an amazing teacher of the heart. He is knowledgeable, dedicated, compassionate, and demonstrates a skillful teaching pedagogy. Randy has extensive training, making him uniquely qualified to train Ashaya Yoga teachers. Rest assured, you will be in good hands.”

Todd Norian, Ashaya Yoga founder and one of the world’s top yoga teacher trainers and yoga teachers for over 30 years

“The blend of correct anatomical alignment and the heart centered philosophical approach of Ashaya Yoga has given me the tools to teach yoga in a safe, approachable way that encourages students to live life to the fullest. I finished the 200 hour training wanting more. I cherish the education that Randy gave me as much as my medical degree.”

Sarah Chouinard, Physician and 2015 Ashaya Yoga 200-hour graduate

Note: The yoga therapy components of Randy’s teaching are based on his extensive training and study in alignment-based yoga, and healing his own injuries and those of his students. These techniques are not derived from his status as an ERYT-500 with Yoga Alliance Registry



1.Weekend Module November 30- December 2 2018 (Friday night  – Sunday).

  1. Weekend Module January 11-13 2019 (Friday night  – Sunday).
  2. Weekend Module February 15-17 2019 (Friday night – Sunday).
  3. Three Day Module March 14-17 2019 (Thursday night – Sunday)
  4. Weekend Module April 12-14 2019 (Friday night – Sunday).
  5. Weekend Module May 17-19 2019 (Friday night – Sunday).
  6. Five day Module June 11-16 2019 ( Tuesday night – Sunday).

* July 12-14   Make-up weekend due to inclement weather, or an unforeseen emergency with Randy or his family. Not a makeup weekend for students who miss sessions. Students  may make up sessions (See application).


Daily schedules provide breakfast and lunch breaks. (See the application for schedule details.)


All sessions will begin on time, but may extend over the scheduled ending time as needed. Please keep your schedule clear throughout the module in order to accommodate schedule changes. (See the application for a detailed schedule.)


The retreat setting amidst the beauty of nature and the New River Gorge at Opossum Creek gives you  the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the teachings and to bond with other aspiring teachers.


The course consists of seven modules, over a seven month period, consisting of five weekend modules , a with homework between segments. Each part provides in-depth training, experience, and inspiration for you to develop both your practice and knowledge of yoga and teaching skills. The pulsation of coming together in community and then returning home greatly enhances the learning process and integration of the material.

Yoga Alliance

This course is registered with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level. Once you become certified, you may register with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour level RYT. For an application, visit the yoga alliance website.

At-Home Study

Assignments are given between segments to facilitate integration of the teachings. The homework constitutes an important aspect of the overall training and provides a structure of support for the learning process at home. The assignments include daily practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation, keeping a journal, weekly check-ins with study buddies, observation of other classes, practice teaching to friends, family, and/or students, required reading, written exercises, and take-home exams. See the required reading list in the application.


  • Preferred regular yoga practice for the last 6 months.
  • Minimum 1 year of yoga experience .
  • A sincere desire to learn, grow, open your heart, and be coached.
  • Acceptance into the program is based upon approval of your application.
  • Minimum age 15 or older.


Course Content

Yoga is a scientific art. Teaching is an endlessly creative journey. Our goal is to provide a structure that will serve as a springboard to your unique and creative expression as a teacher. During this course you will cultivate skills needed to teach a masterful and inspirational class, including:

  • Discover your authentic voice and unique gifts as a teacher.
  • Teach with confidence, clarity, and technical precision.
  • Learn elegant alignment techniques that create safety and healing in poses.
  • Study postures in extensive detail, including common misalignments and corrections, and use of props.
  • Teach with inspirational themes and heart-oriented language that speaks directly to the heart of the student.
  • Learn basic anatomy and kinesiology as related to specific yoga postures and key actions in the body.
  • Explore subtle energy anatomy including chakras, nadis, kundalini, and the five koshas.
  • Observation skills, demonstration, verbal and physical adjustments.
  • Learn effective and creative sequencing.
  • Guide powerful introductions, centerings, and Savasana.
  • Study yogic philosophy, including Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and an introduction to Tantra. Learn practical ways to integrate these teachings into a yoga class.
  • Receive individual coaching and mentoring within small practice teaching groups.
  • Develop conscious communication skills.
  • Release blocks that hold you back and learn life-affirming skills in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Learn the business of yoga including professional practices and ethics.
  • Be an active member of a vibrant learning community that will support you in your endeavor towards full expression.


EARLY TUITION  : $2600 paid by October 1, 2018

REGULAR TUITION:  $2800 paid by November 7 , 2018

LATE TUITION : $3000 paid after November 7 , 2018

Payment plans available. (See details in the application.)

**$500 deposit required. (See application for details.)


Lodging Options and Pricing.

Lodging is at Opossum Creek Retreat. The Retreat Center is the Meadows Cabin. The Meadows Cabin was the venue for the 2016 Ashaya Teacher Training.  The Meadows has a great room with natural lighting perfect for yoga .


Opossum Creek Retreat has hosted several yoga retreats as well as yoga workshops at the Meadows. It has 3  baths, a large fully equipped kitchen, a large hot tub, 4 bedrooms and bunk beds. It is situated in nature in the middle of 19 acres of woodland  and a 4 acre meadow.

Lodging will also be provided in private rooms in other cabins within walking distance of the Yoga Room.


All lodging options include lodging for all 18 nights of the training.


$100  total for all 18 nights for bunk room lodging. Management will make an effort to lodge compatible people or groups. We will not house strangers in bunk lodging without all parties agreeing. Limited space for bunk lodging . Register Early.

$300  total for all 18 nights for a private room in the Yoga Retreat Center (The Meadows). Only 4 rooms available so register early. (Two people may choose to share a room and share the  $300 fee).


$400  total for all 18 nights for lodging in a private room in a cabin.  No sharing of the $400 lodging fee for this option.


Lodging is limited. Whoever pays tuition for the training first has first choice for the lodging.


Visit to view photos and descriptions of The Meadows Retreat Center and cabins


Yoga room at the Meadows Cabin at Opossum Creek Retreat from the 2016 Ashaya Yoga Teacher Training. See application for lodging options and pricing.




  • Additional Costs


Students must purchase required books and CD’s. (See Required Reading.)

Certification Requirements

Certification is based on the performance and demonstration of your teaching ability, attitude, and satisfactory completion of all assignments and exams. To become certified in this course, you must demonstrate a basic understanding and integration of the asanas, philosophy, heart language, and other teaching methodologies. When all of the above is achieved, you will be certified as an Ashaya Yoga® teacher.

Additional Certification Requirements

  • Must be able to perform basic asanas with integration, precision, and heart. You need to be able to demonstrate the basic benchmarks of biomechanical integration in your own body.
  • Pass the written tests with a score of 90% or higher.
  • Successfully complete all homework (TBA) and required reading.
  • Sign the code of ethics agreement.
  • Pay all fees and outstanding balances.
  • Must have full attendance, participation, and a yogic attitude.






Opossum Creek Retreat Center, Lansing WV (Five minutes from the New River Gorge Bridge and Fayetteville WV)

Schedule/Arrival and Departure Time

Full attendance is necessary for certification. Please plan your arrival and departure times to allow enough time for transit without missing a session. Arrangements can be made to miss a session. Students would need to get notes from other students and have Randy’s permission.  The critical parts, particularly the practice teaches must be made up by paying Randy or one of his assistants an hourly fee. It is solely up to the director to decide what needs to be made up. Make up sessions run between 2-6 hours for a weekend. The cost of make up sessions may be shared with other students who miss the same session.  See the Application.


Breakfast breaks vary from 1 to 1.5 hours and lunch breaks vary from 1.5 to 2 hours, which is ample time to go to a restaurant or bring your breakfast and lunch. Students often fix their own breakfast and lunch using the large fully equipped kitchen at the Meadows Cabin. Opossum Creek Retreat is five minutes away from Country Thai Restaurant and the Adventures on the Gorge Restaurants ; Smokey’s and Chetties. The resort  town of Fayettevile is fifteen minutes away and has several nice restaurants.


Things to Bring With You

  • Yoga props (There are some props at the training site. But to be sure you have what you need, bring your own.)
  • Sticky mat yoga belt
  • 2 yoga blocks (the thick purple blocks, not the thin ones)
  • 2-3 yoga blankets
  • Eye pillow (optional)
  • A journal or notebook and pens
  • Selected required reading

Required Reading List

All required books are available online through the Ashaya Website or on Amazon.


  • Philosophy:


Tantra Illuminated, by Christopher Wallis

Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, by Edwin Bryant or B.K.S. Iyengar The Bhagavad Gita, trans. by Stephen Mitchell, Juan Mascaro, or other


  • Meditation and Savasana:


Ecstatic Meditations For Enhanced Living, CD, by Todd Norian Savasana: Guided Relaxations For Enhanced Living, CD, by Todd Norian


  • Anatomy/Kinesiology:


Key Muscles of Yoga, by Ray Long


RECOMMENDED:  For further study visit Click on the 200 hour teacher training and then click on the required reading link and there will be a long list of recommended books as well as the required books listed above.