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Relax. Enjoy Your Cabin in the Woods.

DIY weddings



You so deserve this.


Verb: The act of relaxing in a cozy cabin in the woods.

The New River Gorge National Park

Our back yard


Gorgeous weddings in The New River Gorge

Family Hike

Making memories.

In a Valentine’s Day Panic? Opossum Creek to the Rescue!

Don’t worry, we do Valentine’s Day everyday, all year long.

I really I could read some of the comments in the guest books to you, but I get choked up.

Vday always seems to create a lot of pressure on all sides of the holiday. Who says you have to be at the top of your game on this certain day of the year just so they can sell some flowers and chocolates?

Forget about it! We can rock your romantic world any day of the year.

Relax in your cabin's hot tub with your sweetheart.

Relax in your cabin’s hot tub with your sweetheart.

The Cabins are clean and cozy and tucked in the woods. It’s a beautiful romantic drive just to get here no matter where you are coming from.

We have an unbelievably great selection of restaurants, or you can cook in the cabin or on the grill.

Watch a movie, read a book.

Soak in the hot tub.

Go for a walk, hand-in-hand or even get a massage in your cabin from our super star massage therapist.

Yes, we do any and all of this everyday, and we are really good at it too.

So relax: you can make up for Vday any time, any day here at OCR.

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