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West Virginia. It’s Nearby with Plenty of “Firsts”

Ever watch Jeopardy and something comes up that you can answer? If you’re like me, you jump out of the chair and shout the question. Hey, it’s rare. And my wife says I need to get some excercise.

Just in case West Virginia ever comes up on the show, we want you to be prepared. We also know some of you have yet to visit us. So we’d like for you to know a little bit more about our great state, as we are much more than home of The Dark Lord of Coal Country. We hope you will come visit (and bring your friends to dazzle with your Jeopardy skills).

West Virginia Firsts

Your Favorite West Virginia First?

Great things happen (and have happened) here.

West Virginia Can Claim:

  • Home to the first golf course in the US
  • The first mail route
  • The first major land battle of the Civil War
  • The Birthplace of Mother’s Day (Hi Mom!)
  • Highest home owner ship rates
  • Lowest crime rates
  • Lowest cost of living in the nation. (Cue Mr. Rogers theme song…. Won’t you Be My Neighbor?)

Take a minute and find a West Virginia-first that you think is great. Share it with us on our Fan Page and you just might win a free stay for your first trip.

Quick Geography Lesson
We are taking a wild guess that West Virginia is pretty near where you are sitting right now.

We share borders with Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Kentucky and Virginia. We are in the middle of lots of folks. You have us surrounded. My point is, if you live over there (I am pointing towards Ohio) and you know some one that lives over there (now pointing towards Virginia) it’s really easy to meet them here (yes, I am pointing at the ground).

It’s simple. You start driving. They start driving. You both end up at one of our cabin rentals in the woods.

Don’t worry we’ll give you directions, and maybe lunch. Maybe t-shirts too.

  • Any reservaton that has people from two states gets free lunch for everybody
  • Any reservation with people from 3 or more states gets free tshirts for everybody

We always like to know how folks decided to choose our cabin rentals. We often hear this answer: “We were looking at the map and WV was half way between us… ”

So look at the map and call a friend and plan your first trip to West Virginia.

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