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Gorgeous weddings in The New River Gorge

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I am BANANAS for this guy (and his farm-to-table food!)

I am BANANAS for this guy: Farm-to-table Chef Dale Hawkins of Fish Hawk Acres.

Fish Hawk Acres has catered a few events at Opossum Creek Retreat, but I had never met the chef, until now.

WV's Fish Hawk Acres chef

Geoff with Chef Dale Hawkins of Fish Hawk Acres

This was a fancy wedding for a dear friend’s daughter, and was it Ossum! I loved the arch leading everyone down the path to the ceremony. We were not the only ones stopping for the photo op.

WV wedding arch

The wedding arch added an elegant touch to this gorgeous outdoor ceremony.

It had been a while since I sat at a table with a place setting like this. Lets see, what one to use first?

WV outdoor wedding place settings

A table is set for the fine farm-to-table flavors of Chef Hawkins.

The only thing that upstaged the food was the bride of course, and maybe the preacher.

I understand that the idea of farm-to-table is to eat food grown and raised close to your home as often as possible. I like eating fresh, unprocessed meals and the more that is available, the more we do it. But come on who doesn’t like BANANAS? Pineapple? Even rice?

Glad to have finally met the man, the myth, the legend. Love this food, but I am not giving up BANANAS!


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